These small bedroom ideas and items have our stamp of approval. They have been personally reviewed, and found to be smart, efficient, and useful.


Multi Function Folding Bed and Chair

Although intended to be a guest bed that can transform into a chair, we've found this to be more comfortable than some normal mattresses. It's probably not intended for everyday use, but we found no issues sleeping on it for an extended length of time. If you have any overnight guests, this would be a prime option for sleeping accommodations, as well as everyday use as a chair.

Multi Functional Bed Chair

Fold Down Desk

Make use of your walls. This is a nice wall mounted table that can be used as a small work station, and can fold up when not in use. Useful in a college dorm setting, or area shared by multiple people, it's unobtrusive when not in use and aesthetically pleasing.

Fold Up Table

Laptop Tray

If you don't have space for a table or desk, chances are you don't have space for a PC, and have a laptop instead. This adjustable laptop stand is a viable alternative to a desk, and gets your laptop off of your legs. Due to its angle adjustment capability, it's easy to use either sitting in bed or on a couch, and slots on the bottom of the tray allow for ventilation so your laptop doesn’t overheat.

Laptop Lap Desk

Flat Folding Ottoman Stools

These folding ottoman stools can work exceptionally well in any apartment or small space. They provide instant seating for anyone, and are easily folded flat when not in use. Remarkably strong, with a weight rating of 200 lbs, they also serve as a nice footstool when placed in front of a couch.

Ottoman with Storage

Rocket Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is maybe one of the best purchases we've made. It replaces the normal bulky vacuum cleaners we've come to know with a sleek and very light design. It has easy to use attachment and detachment capabilities, and we've tested it on carpet, rugs, hardwood and tile. From experience, we can also say it handles an incredible amount of animal fur.

Lightweight and Modular Vacuum Cleaner 

TV Wall Mount

If you're in a small area, this will give you much needed floor space, and make your place look pretty snazzy. If you have a larger TV, check the weight limits, and always check that you're mounting into studs. Don't accidentally rip your drywall down by not making use of the studs. 

Floor space saving TV wall mount

Wall Coat Rack

We found this coat rack to be most useful at the entry way to apartments, but they can be used in other creative locations. Again, wall utilization is a theme for good reason. These types of coat racks provide an organized feel and easy access to common articles of clothing or hand bags.

Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Wooden Folding Chair

If you need something a little more elegant than a pop up ottoman stool for guests, this wooden folding chair is the way to go. Saves space when not in use, but also look the part of being an everyday chair you would use. The padding on the chair is comfortable for what it is, and they come in different colors, so pick the one that goes best with your schemes.

Padded Folding Chair

Shower Rack

A really simple idea goes a long way. De-clutter your shower, without hurting your wallet. That's really all there is to it.

Shower Caddy

Floating Shelves

These floating shelves have somewhat of a bum rap in their ratings, but they get the job done when you take the time to properly size and mark everything out on your wall. When using a tape measure, stud finder, and laser level, the results you can get from these floating shelves are pretty cool.

Wall Shelves

Wire Shelf

Along the same lines of the floating shelves, these wire racks are an alternative in locations that aren't typically seen by anyone but yourself. Despite their unappealing aesthetics, they are easy to install, cheap, and make use of vertical space you otherwise wouldn't be using.

Wire Shelving